Credit Cards as a Online Casino Payment Method

Credit cards are among the most widely accepted online casino payment methods in the world. Almost all reputable and well-established online casinos accept credit cards as a payment method. Financial transactions using credit cards are usually instantaneous which many gamblers will find beneficial. Moreover, there are many banks that have their respective credit cards for use by their clients in different transactions, such as an online casino payment method

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Over the years, credit cards have been used to make payments. It is one of the convenient payment methods, especially when playing online casino games. It is also one of the safest and most secure ways of depositing to your online casino account. Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro are the most commonly used by online casino players to fund their online casino accounts. Here we have the information that you need why more and more players prefer to use credit cards to enjoy their online casino games.


Little did we know that the concept of credit cards for making purchases was first described in 1887 by Edward Bellamy in his novel, Looking Backward. It was in 1928 that the Charga-Plate was developed. This was considered to be the early predecessor of the credit card and was utilized in the U.S. from the 1930s to the late 1950s. The plate was embossed with the name of the customer, city, and state. To use this, the plate was laid onto the imprinter. The record of the purchase or transaction included an impression of the embossed information made by the imprinter pressing an inked ribbon against the charge slip.

It was in the 1950s that the popularity of credit cards rose. As such, they became part of the banking and financial industries. Before the mass usage of credit cards, many companies offer loyalty cards to their customers. The idea of the use of charge cards to make payments was from Ralph Schneider and Frank McNamara of Diner’s Club. American Express came up with a global credit card network in 1958. This eventually became the credit cards that we know these days.

Credit cards are widely used in online casinos over the years. It is one of the safest banking methods for online transactions. However, there are some countries that do not permit the use of credit cards for playing in online casinos. Examples are the players from the UK wherein the restriction was an effort to reduce the problem of gambling. This policy came to effect in 2020. Players then will have to look for other payment methods such as PayPal and Paysafecard to fund and withdraw from their online casino accounts.

As such, different payment methods have been developed to answer the needs of gamblers around the globe. Credit cards still top the list of payment methods due to the benefits that the users get. In fact, many credit card companies offer loyalty reward points to their users. The more usage of credit cards, the more points they earn which can be used in different transactions.

There are also good reasons why credit cards are widely used in online casinos. Here are some of them that you might find interesting:

  1. Most online casinos around the world support the use of credit cards as a payment method. However, there are regions or countries that restrict its use to regulate the gambling problem.
  2. It is convenient to use credit cards to make transactions. They are also fast and instantaneous, especially when making deposits to your online casino accounts. However, it would take around 4 to 6 business days for the withdrawn amount to reach your bank account.
  3. Making any monetary transaction is considered safe and secure with credit cards. Credit card companies have been in operation for years, and as such, they have developed the technology that will protect their reputation and their clients.

Deposit/Whitdraw – how does it work

Gamblers can make deposits to their online casino accounts in simple and easy ways. As a matter of fact, deposits can be made even if you are using a mobile phone. You just need to follow some steps to be successful with your transaction. No need to worry as there is much information online that you can rely on when making online deposits. You will also be glad to know as we have a simple guide that you can follow:

  • Have your credit card ready for payment. If you do not have a credit card yet, you can always go to a bank and apply for one. Usually, the credit card is released within a few days. You may want to hurry up since the approval may take several days.
  • Browse the internet and look for the online casino that fits your taste. Create an account and be sure that the information that you provided matches the one on the credit card.
  • Go to the cashier section of the casino site and select the deposit option. You may also choose the credit card that you also have. Most casinos will present Visa or MasterCard as the payment method. Select them and enter the details of your card.
  • Select the amount that you want to be deposited. It is also recommended to review the transaction, especially the amount, before confirming it. The transaction will then be processed and the amount deposited will be reflected on your online casino account.

Playing online casino games is not only about entertainment. Of course, every gambler dreams of winning high stakes. If that happens, then you should be able to withdraw your winnings. Withdrawing your earnings is likewise easy with credit cards. You can do this similarly to the way you have deposited funds into your online casino account. Once the withdrawal request has been successfully processed and approved, your earnings will then be transferred directly to the linked bank account. All you need to do is to open the cashier and select withdrawals. After which, choose the correct credit card and verify the details. You will now have the full amount to enjoy.

Choosing the right payment method may be a challenge at times. There are many payment methods these days and your choice greatly depends on your taste and style. Before deciding on the payment method for your online casino, it is highly recommended to study them first. Knowing the pros and cons of credit cards will likewise give you an idea if it suits your needs as a gambler. Here are some of the advantages of using credit cards in online casinos:

  • Your friends or colleagues might warn you against using your credit card when gambling. The worry is that there may not be any limit and maybe the cause of your bankruptcy. The truth is that each user has a certain limit that will depend on their salary and other factors as determined by the bank. This means that the higher salary, the higher limit you will have.
  • Option for a cashback. There is also a chance or an option that as you spend money using your credit card, you can get it back. You will earn points from the credit card company which can be collected for future use.
  • Safety is of utmost importance. Credit cards are highly secure to use since all credit card companies use different layers of protection.
  • Credit cards can be used everywhere. Almost all online casinos support and accept credit cards, except for some regions where the use of credit cards is restricted or banned to help in solving gambling problems.

However, just like any payment method, credit cards also have their downside. It is a must that online casino gamblers are aware of these to see if the use of credit cards for online casinos suits their needs. First and foremost, the money that you use for deposits is not yours. You are using the money of your bank and you will have to get it back. There are also additional fees to pay when you do not pay during a specific period of time. Some areas also do not allow the use of credit cards for gambling. A dilemma that is encountered by a number of gamblers.

To summarize, credit cards are highly popular among the online casino gambling community. Credit cards are also considered to be the best alternative to using cash as a payment method. Thanks to the benefits the credit card companies offer, they still remain one of the best options when doing financial transactions.

Credit Cards FAQ

Can I use credit cards to play my favorite online casino games?

It is a fact that many online casinos support and accept credit card payments. Check the payment methods of the online casino site to be sure prior to signing up.

Are credit cards free when I use them to gamble?

The bank might charge a minimal amount for the processing fee when you make withdrawals from your account in your online casino.

Which credit card can I use when deposit on online casino?

Almost the most of the online casinos accept both Visa and Mastercard. But always ask the support if there is anything you are wondering.