9K Yeti Gigablox by 4theplayer

Get ready for the exploration of the lifetime and earn big potential rewards. 9K Yeti is an adventure-filled online slot game developed by 4ThePlayer and was released in 2019. A cool and thrilling slot machine that offers the chance to win up to 9012x of the total played bet size. The game stimulates your senses, but it has great statistics that will attract many online slot enthusiasts.

Yeti, or what is commonly known as the abominable snowman, is one of the legendary creatures that has captured the interest of many people. Urban legend tells us that the monster is a two-legged white, shaggy, ape-like animal and is described to be 10-20 feet tall. It is believed that Yeti lived in the Himalayan mountains in Nepal and Tibet.

Get your camping gear ready and prepare yourself for the adventure you should never miss. In 9K Yeti, you will be taken to the top of the world to be part of history. Are you brave enough to face challenges along the way? Not only will you face dangers along the way, but big potential earnings to fill your pockets.

Though the journey to see Yeti is perilous, 4ThePlayer has ensured that the gameplay can be easily understood. Even beginners will find the game remarkable. Isn’t it great to be part of this online slot game and enjoy the rewards that await when you reach the summit? Time to sit back and spin the reels to see what lies ahead of the journey.

9K Yeti

9K Yeti – What You Need to Know

9K Yeti is a thrilling online slot game that features one of the legendary creatures of all time. The slot game takes you to the most dangerous mountains on the face of the planet. Be sure to have all the gear with you to not suffer from hypothermia. Playing the online slot is not only about winning. It is also being part of the adventure and experiencing the game’s beauty. 9K Yeti may appear simple and have uncomplicated rules. Yet some characteristics make gamblers love the game.


  • Max win potential of 9012x of the total bet size.
  • Snowstorms can turn any non-winning spins into winning ones.
  • 4096 paylines to give the players more chances of hitting the winning combinations.
  • Attractive visuals, animation, and sound effects to entice the players.


  • The absence of multipliers that further increases the potential earnings.
  • A number of the symbols are commonly seen in other online slot games.

9K Yeti – Theme and Background

4ThePlayer has done a great job putting up a slot game that can stimulate the senses. As the title of the game suggests, the theme of 9K Yeti features the mountains of the Himalayas and features the mythical creature called Yeti. In other countries, the creature is called the abominable snowman, a creature that has been a topic of debate by many communities.

Players of the game will be taken to a whole new world of adventure that appears appealing and realistic. It is beautifully designed that let the players feel the cold climate of the mountain. Moreover, the magnificently designed slot game also allows you to have a close encounter with the Yeti. They may seem scary but they are the key that will give you massive rewards. So much for running away from the fortune that they carry. Just like the leprechauns that guard the pot of gold. The Yeti also comes with impressive treasures that will change your lives forever.

The images shown and the sound effects incorporated make the game even more interesting, which further enhance the gaming experience. Hear the roar of the creature and the sound of the storm that increase your chances of winning. If you are longing for an adventure and probably miss your mountain climbing explorations, then 9K Yeti will fulfill some of your wildest dreams.

 Yeti – Gameplay

Play as a mountain climber in search of two essential things: the Yeti and a huge amount of rewards. Of course, the journey is not that simple, and that you need the help of a local Sherpa to lead you to the summit of the mountain. During the journey, you will come across the Yeti nut not to terrorize you but to help you land big wins up to 9012m x of the total stake. The feared monster can also help you turn non-winning spins into winning ones.

The game is played on classic 4×6 reels, filled with symbols that will make you experience the adventure you have been waiting for. With 4096 different ways to win, you will have a bigger chance of forming the winning combinations. The monster’s footprints are the scatter of the game that triggers the free spins feature. Moreover, the wild symbol is the image of the mountain that replaces all the regular symbols. There are also symbols of pick axes, ropes, and tents. The standard playing card symbols are likewise present and are considered to be the lowest paying symbols.

9K Yeti – Free Spin Feature

Simple yet satisfying. This is how the game was designed so that even beginners can easily play it. The Snowstorm Free Spins bonus is triggered when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. The appearance of 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters will give you 8, 15, 40, or 88 free spins, respectively. The feature can also be retriggered, giving the chance to receive up to 50 extra free spins per retrigger. As a result, lucky players will have the opportunity to get up to 880 spins to play.

The Snowstorm feature is triggered when a Yeti symbol and a wild symbol lands simultaneously on a losing spin. The snowstorm will sweep across the reels during this feature and give the player a winning combination. This is when any losing spin is turned into a winning one.

9K Yeti – My Verdict

9K Yeti is one of the recommended online slot games to play and is even ideal for beginners. With the simple rules and uncomplicated gameplay, players of all levels can fully appreciate the game. Get the chance to experience the adventures of climbing the Himalayas and enjoy the wonders of nature. People may be searching for the Yeti for a long time but get the chance to meet a bunch of them in this game.

Overall, 9K Yeti has everything you need in a slot game. The visuals and sounds add entertainment but what is more important are the significant potential earnings, RTP, and special features that come along with them.

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