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Crazy time

Crazy Time – Evolution Gaming

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that if you haven’t played Crazy Time until now, you haven’t tried THE live casino experience of a lifetime. When it was launched, back in June 2020, Crazy Time was a phenomenon, a groundbreaking concept that swept the industry off its feet. Evolution Gaming didn’t create only a live casino title inspired by game shows. It built a dream world full of glitter, prizes, multipliers and bonus features where the Money Wheel is king.

Brace yourself, and let’s set off on the ultimate live casino journey!

Crazy Time – what you need to know

The first thing you should know is that everything is about the Wheel of Fortune. It can unlock the biggest multipliers or even send you to the Crazy Time candy land in a second. There are 54 segments or slots on the wheel containing a number or a bonus feature. You also have a variety of bets to choose from, making your life easier (or harder, depending on how you see things).


  • Loaded with multipliers of up to 500x
  • Mouth-watering max payout of 20,000x
  • Available 24/7, as it’s a Live Casino game


  • Not suitable for non-English speaking players, as the hosts talks in English
  • The Crazy Time Feature is hard to get

Crazy Time – Theme and background

Crazy Time truly is an exquisite mix of bright colours, sparkling lines and flashy elements. In a word, crazy! As this is a live dealer game, the Wheel is in the center of the screen, being present for more than 90% of the time. Just like a game show, the host, dressed in flashy outfits, moves around the wheel and spins it to reveal a prize. Depending on what is triggered and on the moment of the game, you can be taken to one of the four ‘rooms’ representing the four bonus features available. So, you won’t be looking at a static screen, waiting for something to happen. The camera will move around, (hopefully) taking you to all Crazy Time’s realms, where you can either shoot for the big win or flip a coin and discover a multiplier. 

Crazy Time – Gameplay

If you’re not used to playing live casino games inspired by game shows, the design and the gameplay in Crazy Time might seem a bit overwhelming. However, as soon as you learn how the game works, you’ll love it!

As mentioned before, there’s a huge wheel of fortune that hosts 54 slots with numbers (1, 2, 5 and 10x) and four bonus features. Before the actual game starts, you need to place a bet on one or more numbers or bonus features or all bonus rounds. The minimum bet allowed is €0.10, while the maximum can go as high as €5,000. Things start to heat up, don’t they?

And you haven’t heard all of it! Before the host turns the wheel (and decides your future), the multiplier reel, set above the main wheel, spins and awards multipliers of up to 50x. Moreover, the multipliers land next to a feature or a number. Now, the reel and the wheel can’t function one without the other. They work hand in hand to award you gigantic prizes. So, let’s say the multiplier reels stop at 1 and 10x, and the wheel lands on 1. Then, your win is multiplied ten times.   

The RTP also differs depending on where the wheel lands. The highest RTP that can occur is 96.08%.

Like all Evolution Gaming games, Crazy Time has been perfected to work on all kinds of screens, including mobile devices, PCs and tablets.

Crazy Time – features

Although I agree that Crazy Time can deliver pretty juicy payouts if betting on the numbers, truth be told the real prizes are in the bonus rounds. There are nine segments out of 54 with a bonus on them, so betting on all four doesn’t seem a bad idea, right?

Crazy Time – Pachinko Bonus Game

This round, just like all bonus features in Crazy Time, is quite straightforward. If the wheel stops on this segment, the camera takes you to another part of the studio where you’ll see something that looks like a Plinko board. What happens now is that the host picks up a glowing ball, climbs to the top of the board, and drops it on the board. As the ball hits the pins, it changes direction, making it hard to predict where it’ll land. Multipliers and Double slots are set at the bottom of the board for the ball to land in. Naturally, if the ball lands on a multiplier, the said multiplier is awarded. If you hit the Double slot, your prizes are doubled, as the host picks up the ball and drops it once more.

Crazy Time – Coin Flip Bonus Game

The expression ‘let’s flip a coin and decide what to do/ eat/ drink/ movie to watch’ comes to life in this bonus round of Crazy Time. As you might expect, it’s about flipping a coin. However, the Crazy Time coin isn’t a regular one. It has two sides, a blue and a red one, with two multipliers chosen randomly attached to each side. The host places the coin in a machine (to ensure randomness), and the device shoots it right up. After it lands, the visible side, with its multiplier, is awarded.

Crazy Time – Cash Hunt Bonus Game

Yes, you’ll go hunting for prizes in Crazy Time! But it won’t be exactly how you imagine it. Let me tell you more about how the Cash Hunt Feature works.

When this bonus game is activated, you’ll be taken to a wall full of multipliers. After taking a good look at it, the multiplier will be hidden under ducks, sweaters, cupcakes or stars symbols and shuffled.  What you need to do is aim at a certain part of the wall and shoot! A multiplier will be revealed and awarded, of course!

Crazy Time – Crazy Time Bonus Game

I saved the best for last! Crazy Time is the bonus everybody wants, but few can get, as it’s represented in one segment. Once you trigger it, the host will lead the way, opening a red door and entering a magical world that looks like a magic park set in Alice in Wonderland. What’s more, there’s a GIANT wheel with 64 segments waiting for you, along with three flappers and a max paycheck of 20,000x the stake!

First, you need to select a flapper and watch the wheel spin to award a multiplier or, even better, the double or triple option that’ll grant a new spin of the wheel at the end of which your win will be doubled or tripled!

Crazy Time – My verdict

Crazy Time is more than another live casino game, and nobody can deny it. Evolution Gaming’s title managed to create an engaging experience while also outlining an astonishing world of wanders, full to the brim with multipliers and adrenaline-raising bonus features.

There are so many possibilities with every spin that I must admit Crazy Time is a never-ending world of prizes. However, the Crazy Time Feature most players are after isn’t that easy to land. There’s only one segment out of 54 with this award, so one mustn’t be discouraged if it doesn’t hit in the first spins. Also, if you prefer more controllable experiences, like Blackjack, Crazy Time might be a little too dynamic for you.

All in all, Crazy Time is one of the fewer games in the live casino series that keep you engaged for hours. With a colorful, vibrant note, like most live casino titles, and four bonuses that have their own set-up, Crazy Time is gathering more and more fans, growing in popularity with every colossal win it delivers. No wonder it’s considered the most expensive game ever made.

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