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Fire Hopper

Fire Hopper by Push Gaming

Go back to your childhood and remember the days when you played in the pond with your friends. By just looking at the water can be calming and relaxing. Like what we have learned in school, the pond is a perfect example of an ecosystem complete with living and nonliving things. It is an ideal place to understand and appreciate the beauty of nature. You may already have visited ponds or lakes at least once in your life and loved the scenery.

We all need time to be alone and be one with the environment. Just like in the game, Reef Raider by NetEnt, you will have the chance to calm your mind and relax your body, especially after a stressful day at work or school. Just visualize yourself in the middle of the pond and enjoy the natural colors and sounds of water and insects. If you want to meditate, this place is perfect for you.

Experience nostalgia with an online slot game that is created by one of the reputable game developers in the industry. Push Gaming has again proven that they are still chosen and played by many online slot enthusiasts regarding online slot creation. It was released in November 2021 and is gaining popularity among gamblers, especially those who are into highly volatile games.

Fire Hopper is a cluster pay online slot game in which players have to form the winning clusters to get fantastic rewards. A fun and exciting game that still evokes a tranquil mood while spinning the reels. Relive the moment when you watched the frogs jumping and swimming on the pond. Players will surely have a great time playing this addicting online slot with cool sound effects. It also has impressive graphics and animation that add fun to the game.

Fire Hopper

Fire Hopper – What You Need to Know

Fire Hopper is an impressive online slot game that features a beautiful pond, colorful water plants, and blazing frogs! Playing the online slot is not just about gambling. It is about experiencing the beauty of the game and its excitement, especially when forming the winning clusters. There is something wonderful whenever you see the tiles falling from the group and determining the prize you are receiving. It may have a simple interface, but it has the characteristics that make players come back for more.


  • If you are looking for a high-paying game, then this is a great choice. You will have the chance to win up to 50,000x of the total stake.
  • Tranquil sound effects that will bring you closer to nature. Enjoy the sound of chirping birds, flowing and splashing water, buzzing insects, and others. A perfect sound combination that will calm your mind and body.
  • Cool and impressive graphics and gameplay that features the beauty of nature.
  • Fire Hopper includes special features like Avalanche, Bonus Symbol, Buy Feature, Free Spins, Multiplier, and Sticky Wilds.


  • As Fire Hopper is a highly volatile online slot game, patience and luck are needed.
  • The RTP varies and depends on the game feature that is being played.

Fire Hopper – Theme and Background

Push Gaming is true to its word when developing appealing and exciting online slot games. This time, the game developer has created an online slot game that will not only pump the adrenaline from your system while spinning the reels. Fire Hopper has an appearance and sound that are cozy and pleasant.

Fire Hopper is a well-designed online slot game and shows the elements of a pond ecosystem. Let’s see the gameplay first. It makes use of the cluster pay mechanism, in which the amount of reward depends on the number of tiles that are collapsed after a spin. The 7×7 grid size is perfect for a more chance of hitting the winning combinations.

What makes the online slot game a lot more interesting are the items that can be seen. Examples are rocks, lily pads, grass, and calming pond water. Your ears will also be treated with realistic sounds of birds, water, and insects. Overall, the theme and background of the game have been artistically created. Fire Hopper offers calming visuals and sounds but with a kick when it comes to the gameplay and other features.

Fire Hopper – Gameplay

Fire Hopper is played on 7×7 reels and offers the opportunity to form winning combinations. The goal is to form at least 5 matching symbols vertically or horizontally. The cascading reels are triggered once a cluster is formed—new symbols land to replace the removed symbols. The reels will continue to fall until there are no more matching clusters formed.

The appearance of Frog symbols helps in the formation of winning combinations. The amphibians act as the wilds that substitute any symbol, except the Fireflies or Bonus Fireflies to form the winning clusters. In addition to these, the frogs also act as multipliers starting from x1.

Fire Hopper – Free Spins Feature

Fire Hopper by Push Gaming comes with remarkable bonus features that give any lucky gambler the chance to win more significant rewards. The Leaping Frog Feature is triggered by the appearance of a Frog Symbol along with one or more Firefly Symbols. When the Frog leaps to the Firefly, it leaves behind a Gold Frog. Whenever the Frog jumps, the multiplier increases by x1. This also happens whenever the Frog and an Instant Prize Symbol appear on the grids. The Frog will leap to the Instant Prize Symbol, leaving another Gold Frog in its previous position. Players will get the chance to win up to 1000x of the total bet size.

The Bonus Firefly symbol can give any player 7 free spins. The free spins are awarded whenever the Frog symbol leaps onto it. During the free spins, the Frog symbol remains on the grid and stays there for the full duration of the feature. When Gold Frogs appear, they take on the multiplier of the Frog. In contrast with the Frog symbol, the Gold Frog symbol is erratic as it does not stay on the grid. The symbol may drop between free spins. What makes the feature even more fun is that the frog’s color changes whenever there is an increase in the multiplier.

The bonus buys feature can be accessed by clicking on the star icon. Buying free spins can increase the RTP but will also cost you.

Fire Hopper – My Verdict

Just like the game’s theme, it may be relaxing at first. However, you will feel the excitement as the session progresses. Fire Hopper is a lovely game enhanced by the graphics and sounds. The tranquil setting has truly been emphasized by Push Gaming. The bonus features amp the game. With the Frog Symbols being the star of the game, players will indeed have the chance of winning bigger rewards.

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