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Fire in the Hole xBomb

Fire in the Hole xBomb by Nolimit City

If you’re a fan of pyrotechnics, like that Gryffindor student who was always blowing something up, or if you are just into action movies with explosions, Fire in the Hole xBomb from Nolimit City might be just the thing for you. As the title hints, this online slot takes place inside a mine, where the ambitious miners will stop at nothing to get to the gold. The miners know what they’re doing and have plenty of tricks up their sleeves, so there are small chances of you getting bored.

Fire in the Hole xBomb – what you need to know

The Fire in the Hole xBomb slot looks intriguing to say the least. The first thing you see as you enter the mine is a half-active grid with six reels and three rows. The other half is covered with a fence that doesn’t allow you to place symbols on. Anyway, the slot does have a ton lot of strong points, from the up to 46,656 ways to win to the varying RTP.


  • Spectacular graphics
  • Varying RTP depending on the bonus buy. The highest value is 96.96%
  • Bonus Buy option available
  • Four features and options at your disposal
  • Colossal max win of 60,000x the stake
  • Collapsing system based on the mining principle


  • May seem difficult
  • Low chances of activating the free spins with five bonus symbols

Fire in the Hole xBomb – Theme and background

The mining theme couldn’t have been represented in more fresh and dynamic way than in Fire in the Hole xBomb slot. From the names of the features to the soundtrack, everything fits the theme perfectly. The tools used by the miners are symbols hitting the wooden grid where some cells might be covered with stoned. Better keep that dynamite stick nearby, you never know when it’ll come in handy. I must say the soundtrack took me a little by surprise when I first opened the game. I was expecting some more dynamic, with rocks falling and wagons rushing down the rail, creating a glorious atmosphere. However, the soundtrack in Fire in the Hole xBomb is far from that. Everything is still and quite when you open the game. The only sounds come from a pickaxe hitting the stones, as the reels spin, and from the Wilds exploding. Each sound in accompanied by a heavy echo. Just like in a mine. The miners hear nothing, expect from their own heavy breathing and the pickaxe bringing them closer to the gold. To be honest, this is the right choice for this videoslot that offers so many features, there’s no need for additional hyping.

Fire in the Hole xBomb – Gameplay

As mentioned in a previous section, the Fire in the Hole xBomb slot comes in a rather unique format, with six reels and six rows that are only partially available. In other words, half of the grid (the reels and three rows) is available from the start, while the other three rows can be activated with Wilds and explosions. The volatility is rated as high and the RTP takes a different value depending on the bonus buy feature that’s active. The base game has a 96.06% RTP, while in the bonus buy free spins round, it might go up to 96.96%. The symbols hitting the reels aren’t as high paying as in other titles. However, I agree that the Fire in the Hole xBomb slot’s strong suit isn’t the paytable, but its huge max win and its thrilling features. The most valuable symbol is the lantern, awarding up to 7.5x the stake, while the backpack and the boot, with prizes of up to 3.75x and 2.5x. The rope and the pickaxe, two immensely important tools in a miner’s kit pay up to 2x and 1.75x the bet. The royals are also present on the grid, awarding small amounts of up to 1.5x.

The mechanism of the game relies on a collapsing system that removes the symbols from a winning combination. The symbols that remain on the reels after each collapse fall to the bottom of the screen, leaving empty cells that will be filled with new symbols. Each collapse (or win) activates a row from the closed section. forming wining combinations is not the only way to trigger collapsing sequences. A xBomb Wild or the Wild Mining feature will just as well.

Fire in the Hole xBomb – features

The Fire in the Hole xBomb slot mined three features that will make the gaming sessions even more fun. One offers free spins, while the others two are centred around the Wild symbol. Let’s begin mining for gold!

Fire in the Hole xBomb – free spins feature

The free spins round is disguised under the name Lucky Wagon Spins. This feature can be triggered when 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols in shape of gold nuggets land on the screen. the number of bonus symbols that activated the feature decide how many rows are available during the free spins. so, for 3 bonus symbols you get to play on a grid with 2 rows, while 4 gold nuggets activate 3 rows. The maximum number of rows, 4, can be activated with 5 bonus symbols.

The round start with three free spins but you the counter is set back to three each time you land a coin in the reels area. Now, here come’s a rather tricky part. Six (lucky) wagons start running along the top of the grid, carrying all sorts of modifiers and prizes. New wagons are brought on each spin, so there’s going to be quite a parade of prizes. In order to activate one prize, the coins mentioned above must land on the reel below the prize. Let’s say a coin lands on the third and fifth reels. You will receive the prizes right above these reels.

The Fire in the Hole xBomb slot is quite generous when it comes to prizes. It offers no less than four types of modifiers as follows:

  • Coins, ranging from x1 to x100 the total bet
  • Multipliers that apply to all coins below them
  • Dynamites that can blow up blocked cells or add value to the coins. The dynamite can also trigger the chests on the bottom row
  • Bags that collect the coins in the reel under it
  • Chests collect all values present on the screen, removing the occupied cells (except for the Dwarf). The collected values are then placed on the triggering coin
  • Dwarfs collect all values on the reels and place them on the triggering coin. The Dwarf will keep collecting the values on the screen on each spin

The chest collect is somehow related to the free spins, especially to the Dynamite, that’s why I’ll talk about it in this section. This round can be triggered by the Dynamite mentioned in the free spins paragraph. What this feature does is collect the values of all coins above them.

The free spins end when there are zero empty cells or when you run out of free games.

Fire in the Hole xBomb – xBomb wild multiplier feature

The Fire in the Hole xBomb slot introduces a new symbol in the family, the xBomb Wild. This symbol looks like a bomb detonator isolated and can replace all the others, except for the bonus. The xBomb Wild explodes each time it hits the reels, removing adjacent symbols (but the bonus), and increases the win multiplier by one. The xBomb wild multiplier feature doesn’t go off all the time. There needs to be a win on the reels for it to be activated. It doesn’t matter if the wild is part of the win or not.

Fire in the Hole xBomb – wild mining feature

The Fire in the Hole xBomb slot took things to a whole new level in terms of features. just when one things he’s seen it all, a new feature appears, changing the rules of the game. the wild mining round can be triggered with 3, 4 or 5 of the same symbol land and align horizontally without forming a win. The symbols that triggered the bonus round will be blasted away, leaving a wild in the middle position. Here’s how many wilds you can get in this round:

  • 3 aligned symbols award 1 wild
  • 4 aligned symbols award 2 wild
  • 5 aligned symbols award 3 wild

All the other cells on the grid explode, except for wilds and scatters, so that a fresh collapse can occur.

Fire in the Hole xBomb – nolimit bonus feature

Like most of Nolimit City’s online slots, Fire in the Hole xBomb also comes with a bonus buy option. This feature isn’t available in all jurisdictions, so you mightn’t have the star button on the left side of the screen. the nolimit bonus feature can take one of three forms:

  • Buy three bonus symbols for 60x the bet
  • Buy four bonus symbols for 157x the bet
  • Buy five bonus symbols for 500x the bet

The RTP varies depending on the option you pick. The RTP for the first option is 96.07%, while for the second variant is 96.20%. the highest RTP of 96.96% can be your if you activate the feature with five bonus symbols.

Fire in the Hole xBomb – My verdict

The first words that come to my mind when I say Fire in the Hole xBomb are explosion of winnings. Yes, you heard me right. Nolimit City really raised the bar with this online slot, showing to the entire industry that one can still create something new starting from a classic theme.

With top prizes of 60,000x the bet and up to 46,656 ways to win, this videoslot can truly offer a blasting experience to all sorts of players. However, the mechanisms of the game might be a bit hard to understand at first. The two wild features, being based on the same symbol, might create some confusion to some players, but a few spins will clear things out quickly.

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