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Fruit Party 2

Fruit Party 2 by Pragmatic Play

It’s very rare that a sequel lives up to its expectations. We only have to look at the movie industry to know that this is true. Who among us enjoyed Kindergarten Cop 2? I bet you didn’t even know that there was a sequel to Arnie’s masterpiece where he said the infamous line: “It’s not a tümöur.”

Pragmatic Play’s highly anticipated Fruit Party 2 was met with mixed criticism when it was released in August 2021. Its predecessor Fruit Party is played on a 7×7 grid and relies on clusters to pay out. It would have been really strange to move away from this mechanic and go for a traditional slot with reels, rows and paylines.

The game studio opted for sticking with the original format which meant that there’s very little room for making changes. However, there’s one crucial change that I will get into in the gameplay section a bit further down, but other than this change, there’s not a whole lot to write home about.

Fruit Party 2 – What you need to know

Basically, the only way you can tell the slots apart other than the 2 is the slight better graphics in the sequel. The symbols look sharper, and the colours are a bit brighter. It’s like they took the original game and airbrushed it to give it a bit of a facelift. Still, both slots have almost the exact same pros and cons:


  • Cluster pay with win multipliers is awesome.
  • You can buy your way straight to the free spins feature without grinding.
  • Free spins can trigger at 10-25 spins and retrigger with an additional 5 spins.


  • There’s very little variety in the game play.
  • Max win is 5,000x your stake.
  • Bonus buy is 100x.

Fruit Party 2 – Theme and background

I think the theme and background is very similar to the original version. Again, I was too busy looking for winning clusters to pay much attention. I believe there was a house on one side and maybe some trees on the other side.

Regardless, no one really cares about the background in either one of these Fruit Party slots. The theme is fruits and the name of the game is to hit winning cluster. That’s what I care more about.

Fruit Party 2 – Gameplay

Pragmatic Play had change something up or there would be no reason for there to be a Fruit Party 2. In my opinion, against better judgement they opted for adding a wild symbol that provides the win multiplier to qualifying clusters of at least 5 of the same symbols.

I know, normally wilds are there to increase your chances of winning, but it doesn’t quite do the trick in this game. Please allow me to explain before you crucify me. Maybe you’ll even see things my way when I’m done.

Here’s how it works in this game. Every time you hit a win there’s a chance for a wild with a win multiplier to spawn. The first time it appears it comes with a 2x multiplier which is applied to wins on future clusters. After it’s part of a win there’s a chance that it will come back with a 4x multiplier and so on up to 256x.

A wild can be part of more than one cluster and you can have multiple wilds going at the same time. But here’s the crux. Any wild that doesn’t reappear is considered lost and if another wild shows up later on the same spin, it’s reset and will start over from 2x.

In a way, this takes a bit of the excitement away since there’s more of a grind and you start to feel robbed once wilds vanish and come back with a much lower multiplier. This is not to say that big wins aren’t possible. Absolutely they are, but part of the charm of the predecessor was that any spin could blow up your bankroll by 5,000x without delay.

Fruit Party 2 – Free spins feature

Here’s another small difference compare to the original. You still use scatters to trigger free spins, but here you can trigger up to 25 spins with 7 scatters. Three will still net you 10 spins. While you’re in the feature, it can be retriggered with an additional 5 spins at a time regardless of how many scatters you hit, but this is not too shabby since in Fruit Party 2 you 7 scatters will pay 100x your bet.

Also, if you don’t feel like grinding your way to the bonus feature, you can simply buy it for 100x your stake and get spinning immediately. It does say that you buy 10 free spins straight up, but there’s actually a chance that you will get more than 3 scatters to give you additional spins.

Wilds still work the same during free spins in the sense that they can appear and disappear and reset to their lowest multiplier. But during free spins, multipliers start from 3x, then go to 9x, 27x, 81x, 243x, and lastly 729x.

If more than one wild contributes to the same winning cluster, all multipliers are added together. For example, if one wild is at 3x and another is at 9x, the cluster will pay 12x its winning amount. That’s pretty decent.

Fruit Party 2 – My verdict

Fruit Party 2 is definitely not a bad slot, not by a longshot. It does lack a bit of the intrigue that Fruit Party had. I miss looking at the bottom of the screen where you can see the win amount on each spin because any spin could go nuts.

It’s slightly frustrating to watch the wild multipliers grow only to vanish and then come back and start from the beginning. I know that Pragmatic Play has been criticized for releasing slots with a max win of 5,000x at a time when it seems all slots have to pay out close to 60,000x for players to be interested in giving them a shot.

Here I must say that I side with Pragmatic Play. Do you have any idea of how hard it is to hit those insane wins? If you look on YouTube you will find quite a few videos of players hitting max payout on Fruit Party and Fruit Party 2.

Again, I’m not saying that it’s easy, but I’d rather play a slot where I know that max payout is possible to win, rather than losing my bankroll on a slot that promises the possibility of winning up to 65,000x. Especially when I know how small that possibility is.

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