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Fruit Party

Fruit Party by Pragmatic Play

Don’t let the somewhat off-putting name Fruit Party put you off trying this insane slot by Pragmatic Play. This is a mad cocktail of ridiculous proportions that can have you falling off your seat with excitement. Potentials for winnings in this game are off the charts.

And I’m not just talking about the free spins features, massive wins can happen on any spin when you play this slot. When Fruit Party was released in May, 2020, it didn’t take long for players on Twitch to notice this beast and it quickly became one of the most played slots online.

What’s amazing about the game is that you’ll never know when you’ll hit paydirt. All of a sudden the slot goes nuts and pays out like crazy. I hope you’re ready for this because I’m about to explain what makes this slot tick and why should consider adding this to one of your favourites

Fruit Party

Fruit Party – What you need to know

This is not a 5-reel slot with 3 rows and a bunch of ways to win. This is cluster pay, and cluster pay done right. The game is played on 7×7 grid with five different fruit symbols (strawberry, orange, apple, grapes, plum), and a star and a heart. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Let’s do the pros and cons first.


  • Cluster pay with win multipliers is awesome.
  • You can buy your way straight to the free spins feature without grinding.
  • Free spins can retrigger at 10-14 spins at a time during its feature.


  • There’s very little variety in the game play.
  • Max win is 5,000x your stake.
  • Bonus buy is 100x.

Fruit Party – Theme and background

Believe me, you will hardly notice whatever goes on in the background of this Fruit Party. I’ve played this game for hours and if you asked me to describe the background, well it aint the best….

If you would ask me about the theme, I would take a shot in the dark and guess that it has something to do with various fruits…

Fruit Party – Gameplay

All the Fruit Party action is on the 7×7 grid and you’ll be on constant lookout for winning clusters and win multipliers. A winning cluster starts from 5 symbols. The bigger the cluster, the bigger the pay from 0.20x your stake up to 150x.

The win multipliers are multiplied by each other. For example, If you bet €1 and hit a cluster of 5 Strawberries with a base pay of 1x and all symbols have a 2x multiplier, your pay will be 1 x 64 = €64. And that’s just from one single cluster with the lowest multiplier! It’s perfectly possible to have big clusters with up to 4x multipliers and even multiple clusters with multipliers.

Winning clusters are removed to make room for new symbols falling from the top, which in turn can lead to more winning clusters and so on… Seriously, after a while you will just look in the middle just below the play area where the winnings are tallied up.

Fruit Party – Free spins feature

You’ll need to hit at least 3 Scatter symbols to trigger 10 free spins in Fruit Party. During the free spins feature you can retrigger the session with anything from 3 to 7 Scatters for up to 14 additional turns of play.

Win multipliers have a greater chance of appearing during free spins. They are still multiplied together like in the base game with a maximum of 256x on a single cluster. If you manage to reach the maximum payout of 5,000x before you run out of free spins, the feature ends and the remaining spins are lost. But would you really care at that point. You, my friend, just managed to hit max payout…

Fruit Party – My verdict

I love how simple it is to play this game. You don’t have to keep an eye out for a whole bunch of symbols like wilds or specials with their own features. All you have to do is look for winning clusters and multipliers on those clusters. It’s really that easy. After a while you’ll probably just look at the win amount at the bottom of the screen to keep up because winning clusters will seem to appear out of nowhere when you least expect it.

Yes, the game has a very high volatility so it may feel like there are a lot of dead spins from time to time, but when you hit a big cluster with a lot of multipliers, you’ll feel that it was worth the wait. Having said that, you should be careful when you play this slot, especially if you plan to buy the free spins feature straight up for 100x your stake.

Still, if you exercise some sound judgement and manage your bankroll, there’s no real reason to worry too much. I really enjoy this game and I definitely think that Pragmatic Play hit the nail on this one. In a world full of complicated slots, they knocked it out of the park with a slot that’s not only easy and fun to play, but it caters to both beginners and veterans all the same.

If you look for videos on YouTube you will find a lot of them where players manage to hit max win like it’s no big deal. Believe me, it’s not as easy as it looks. Please don’t be fooled by this. Just play at your own pace and if you’re smart, start by playing for fun to get acquainted with the slot and how it works before you switch over to playing with real money. Just a friendly tip.

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