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Infectious 5 xWays

Infectious 5 xWays by NoLimit City

I’ve often wondered about all the heroes who must have been rejected in the Marvel and DC universes, but now I think I know what happened to them. They started calling themselves the Infectious 5 and were picked up by NoLimit City to be featured in this awesome xWays slot!

Meet Havoc, Toxicity, Misery, Torch, and Mind Flayer, your not-so average crew of misfits who want nothing more than to introduce you to Mayhem. He can only be found in his very own round of free spins, but if you find him, your winnings could soar to an insane 55,555x!

This game is all about the xWays and wilds with win multiplier and I will do my best to explain everything you need to know in this review. I really enjoy this game. It’s not just the potential payouts, it’s actually really fun to play and it looks amazing.

Infectious 5

Infectious 5 xWays – What you need to know

Finally, NoLimit City have released a slot where the xWays function truly shines. Infectious 5 really exploit this mechanics and it works much better than in previous slots that tried but failed. Here are my pros and cons that you should be aware of before you deposit and play:


  • Two different modes of free spins that are exciting to play.
  • Default is 1024 ways to win, but this can go as high as 110,592.
  • 10/10 on volatility with a 96.02% RTP!


  • Big wins are hard to hit in the base game.
  • It’s almost impossible to hit big wins without xWays symbols.
  • Might require a software update to play.

Infectious 5 xWays – Theme and background

It’s a dystopian world where everything’s gone to hell, accompanied by music that sounds like a mashup of the theme from T2, Blade Runner, and something else by Vangelis. In other words, it looks and sounds awesome.

In the theme and background department, Infectious 5 xWays is crushing it. I tip my hat to all the men and women at NoLimit City who were involved in making this online casino slot.

Infectious 5 xWays – Game Play

There are plenty of things to get excited about when you play Infectious 5 xWays. Bonus and xWays symbols, and wilds, slam into place on the reel with heart pounding sound effects. It’s really cool at first, but I normally go into the settings and turn them off and only listen to the music. Yeah, it’s that damn good.

The xWay symbol is what you’re looking to hit as many times as possible. In the base game, this symbol will first expand to become either 2x or 3x symbols. Then it will transform to any other symbol and this is what makes this slot really tick. Under optimum conditions you can bust through the 1024 ways to win and go all the way up to an incredible 110,592 win ways.

Infectious 5 xWays – Free spins feature

Without a doubt, the free spins feature in Infectious 5 xWays are among the most exciting out there and they pack a serious punch in the potential payout department. There are 3 tiers of free spins and each tier can be played at high or extreme volatility, you decide.

Start by hitting 3 or more bonus symbols in the base game to get started:

  • 3 Bonus = 9 Toxic Hazard spins or 7 Lock N’ Load spins
  • 4 Bonus = 10 Toxic Hazard spins or 8 Lock N’ Load spins
  • 5 Bonus = 12 Toxic Hazard Mayhem spins or 10 Lock N’ Load Mayhem spins

Or you can buy any of the spins for 75x your stake, 140x or 555x. You’ll see in the bonus buy menu what each of these will get you.

As you can see, there are not only tiers but also differences in free spins in this slot. I will try to make this as easy as possible to understand.

Toxic Hazard Spins

You’re guaranteed 1-5 random wilds on the three middle reels each spin and during these spins the xWays symbol will only expand the high-paying symbols: Mind Flayer, Torch, Misery, Toxicity, and Havoc.

The first bonus symbol you hit during these spins will get you 1 extra free spin and take you one step closer to the Toxic Hazard Mayhem spins. Hit one more bonus symbol to get 2 extra free spins and access to the top tier Mayhem spins.

Lock N’ Load Spins

Wilds can only land on the three middle reels but once in place they will remain in position until you’re out of spin. You’re guaranteed at least one wild on your first Lock N’ Load spin. Also, every time, including the first one, when a wild hits it may come with 2x or 3x multiplier. AND each wild, INCLUDING THE FIRST GUARANTEED, will give you an extra free spin!

Again, landing bonus symbols will eventually get you to the Mayhem spins in the same mode you’re playing (Toxic Hazard or Lock N’ Load).

Mayhem Spins

Congratulations, you made it to the sickest free spins level – Mayhem. These spins will follow the same rules depending on which spins you started with or which you picked when you used the bonus buy function. Yeah, you can buy your way here directly if you want.

The main difference, though. Is that all high paying symbols are gone, and you’re left with only one. Mayhem is the highest paying symbol in the game but it’s only available during these spins.

Infectious 5 xWays – My verdict

Surprise, surprise! I love this slot! The Lock N’ Load mode of Mayhem spins can go really nuts, and with a guaranteed wild on your first spin, you’re actually playing a minimum of 11 spins when you’re paying for 10 if you use the bonus buy option.

I don’t know if this was an oversight or not, but I like it. What else can I say? I’ve probably said enough. You should seriously consider trying this slot on for size. If I were a betting man, and I am, I’m betting you won’t be disappointed.

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