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Land of Zenith

Land of Zenith Slot Review – Push Gaming

The Land of Zenith slot has a bit of everything. Just like a bride, it has all ingredients for good luck: something old, something new, something borrowed (or often seen in the industry, if you may), and something fun (I know that saying is ‘something blue’, but I’ve adapted it to fit our context. It makes more sense this way).

The ‘something old’ element is the theme of the slot. One can see from the very first screen that this online slot has pretty strong steampunk vibes. From the impressive machine in the backdrop to the symbols with a mechanical vibe, the whole atmosphere screams retrofuturistic. I don’t know about you, but I get some serious Jules Vernes vibes.

The ‘something new’ is represented by the date of the release, of course. Land of Zenith was launched in March 2021, so it’s as new as it can be. The mechanics behind the features that have been incorporated to fit the theme can also be included here.

However, the free spins round is quite popular in other titles from Push Gaming and other providers. So, one can say this slot’s ‘borrowed’ the free spins bonus, but so did many others.

Lastly, the ‘something fun’ is the result. I added all the other elements above and I’ve concluded that being in the Land of Zenith is a hugely fun experience, filled with modern, cool features. Keep reading, I’ll explain everything in this review.

Land of Zenith – what you need to know

Land of Zenith features a reel setup with six reels and four rows, a popular format amongst online slots. However, this grid holds a peculiar-looking element on the left side of the screen: a mechanism with three discs and an orb. If you think they don’t have any substantial role in the gameplay, I must sadly tell you that you are mistaken. The device with three discs is actually the heart of the slot.


  • Top-notch graphics
  • Colossal max win of 21,003x the stake
  • Has a super high value symbols and three high value ones


  • The Disc Mechanism might appear difficult at first
  • It can be tricky to trigger the free spins

Land of Zenith – Theme and background

Push Gaming is known for paying attention to all details, and Land of Zenith makes no exception. The developer took their time and designed the theme taking all elements into account. The reels are part of a complex instrument that can take you to the Land of Zenith island up in the sky, a place where free spins and mystery symbols run free. This machine has been completely integrated into the mechanics of the game, enriching the gameplay even more.

The symbols follow the theme faithfully, being rich in details and featuring tiny gears that remind me of clock elements. The characters representing a villain with a top hat, two pilots with aviator goggles, a man-machine, and mechanical owls, butterflies, and scrolls bring the online slot even closer to the steampunk theme.

Land of Zenith – Gameplay

The grid in the Land of Zenith can hold 13 enigmatic symbols. The volatility is high, while the RTP has an above-average value of 96.29%.

The super high-paying symbol is the villain with a pointy beard and a crazy look on his face, as all villains have. It pays 200x the stake for six on a payline and 75x, 25x, and 7.5x for five, four, and three on the screen. The good guys hit as high value symbols, with the male pilot awarding up to 100x the bet and the female one, up to 90x the bet. Their companion is an angry-looking machine, which reminds me of Watson, with prizes of up to 75x the stake. Other prizes awarded by this character range from 2x to 20x the stake for three and five on a payline. The mid-value symbols consist of a mechanical owl awarding up to 35x the stake, a golden butterfly with a top prize of 30x the bet, and a Wakanda-style scroll with a max reward of 25x the bet.

This ship also comes with a Wild Crest symbol that acts as Wild, awarding the equal amounts as the villain, and a Turner symbol that lands only on reels 2, 4, and 6. The Turner hits in a Clockwise or an Anti-Clockwise variant. When one such symbol appears, the three discs that are part of the Disc Mechanism are turned in the direction shown by the symbols. I know it sounds a bit complicated, but trust me, it’ll make sense later on.

Land of Zenith – features

The features are aggregated into the mechanism of the Land of Zenith slot. So, the way to trigger them might be a bit confusing for some players. Don’t worry, it’s my job to explain how online slots work, so keep reading.

Before I start explaining the features, I feel I must first tell you how the Disc Mechanism works. The only way to trigger the features is by activating the Disc Mechanism. It’s composed of three circular discs: the inner, middle, and outer ones. Now, each disc can rotate individually to one of the 12 available positions. Also, each disc has multiple grooves that, if aligned in a full groove formation, trigger the Bouncing Mystery Feature. The Disc Mechanism is also the key to triggering the free spins, but it’s not that simple. To activate the free spins round you need to align all three discs when the Disc Mechanism turns to gold. The gold turning part is crucial for, if the disc keeps its normal colour, the game will trigger the Bouncing Mystery Feature.

Now that I’ve settled this, I guess you are wondering how you can move the discs. Here’s when the Turner symbol comes in. Depending on the reel it lands one, the Turner can rotate the inner, middle, or outer disc as follows:

  • If the Turner symbol hits the second reel, the inner disc will rotate one position in the direction shown by the turner
  • If the Turner symbol hits the fourth reel, the middle disc will rotate one position in the direction shown by the turner
  • If the Turner symbol hits the sixth reel, the outer disc will rotate one position in the direction shown by the turner

As you can see, the Turner symbol can really turn the game 180 degrees.

Land of Zenith – bouncing mystery feature

This feature introduces a new symbol in the Land of Zenith slot, the mystery symbol. It lands only in the Bouncing Mystery Feature that consists of one respin. Once you activate the round, the reels become blurred and a bright Orb appears out of nowhere on the screen. The Orb shoots in a random direction and each time it hits the edge of the grid, it turns the symbol in that nearest position into a Mystery symbol. Then, the Orb can either disappear or divide itself into two Orbs and keep hitting the edges of the reels.

If two Orbs collide, they disappear, leaving a cross formation filled with Mystery symbols. After the screen has as many Mystery symbols as possible, the other symbols land, and the Mystery symbols reveal what symbols they’ve been hiding. All Mystery symbols will turn into the same matching symbol, chosen at random.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, it’s time for the discs to rotate into a random position. The Disc Mechanism will take care that all three discs stop in positions without forming a full groove. This Disc Mechanism is quite sneaky, I tell you.

Land of Zenith – hypermode free spins

The crown jewel in the Land of Zenith slot is without a doubt the free spins round. As I said before, to activate this bonus, you’ll need to tick two boxes. First, the Disc Mechanism must turn to gold, and second, all three discs must form a full groove.

The free games bonus starts with 20 free spins displayed on a timer. You should finish the free games before the timer ends. If you still have time at the end of a free spin, the game awards one more free game. If, however, you run of time at the end of a free spin, the round ends immediately. So, the key to playing more free spins is to increase the spinning speed of the reels. Fortunately, Land of Zenith gives you the chance to do this. Each Wild that hits in the bonus round increases the spinning speed of the reels, filling the Retrigger Meter.

If you manage to land enough Wilds to fill the entire Retrigger Meter, the game awards a Retrigger. Unlike other online slots, retriggers in Land of Zenith aren’t free spins, but seconds. So, a Retrigger consists of 10 seconds more.

To make things even more exciting, the first four retriggers will remove four types of low-paying symbols. So, the symbols in shapes of sun, star, planet, and moon will slowly disappear from the grid, leaving only mid, high, and super high value symbols hitting the screen.

When the hypermode free spins feature ends, the screen comes back to the initial appearance, and the Disc Mechanism turns the discs so that they land in random positions, without forming a complete groove.

Land of Zenith – My verdict

Land of Zenith is a videoslot that really gets your blood running. The fast-paced music in the free spins will make you feel a burst of adrenaline as you try to defeat the ultima villain known to man: time. Also, the entire mechanism of the game fits perfectly with the symbols and the features, giving you the sensation that you have to complete a puzzle to get into one of the bonus rounds. Regardless of the feature you want to activate, remember that the key is the Tuner symbol. It’s the fuel that gets the engine running.

However, in my opinion, the Land of Zenith slot might seem difficult for newbies. The Disc Mechanism that links all features activates in certain circumstances that might be hard to obtain. Depending on what you want, this slot can be either complicated or delightful. The only way to find out is by playing it.

All in all, Land of Zenith is an entertaining slot, with a juicy top prize of 21,003x the stake. Push Gaming took its job seriously and created a marvelous island up in the clouds, where they gathered all sorts of retro-futuristic elements, putting them together gracefully into a complex but fun game.

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