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Mount Magmas

Mount Magmas by Push Gaming

Mount Magmas was developed by Push Gaming exclusively for LeoVegas, but it will have a general release on August 26, 2021, so if you’re reading this after this date, then you can probably go to many different online casinos to play this slot.

Normally, I wouldn’t touch a slot without high volatility and exciting free spins with win multipliers, but I will make an exception for Mount Magmas. Despite a glaring lack of bonus features and general excitement, this slot offers something else. Something better.

I don’t want to reveal the surprise to soon but let’s just say that it rhymes with black dot and could be worth a total of €100,000. You guessed it. I’m talking about the internal Mega Jackpot. The only thing better than one jackpot is two jackpots. That’s why there’s also a daily jackpot which must be won within… check the countdown…

Mount Magmas – What you need to know

Mount Magmas is boring. There’s nothing exciting during the base game. There are no scatters or free spins symbols. Only row after row of rocks and crystals in different sizes, shapes, and colours. It’s more exciting to watch the counters on either side of the screen than to actually play. You should know these things before you get going:


  • The Mega Jackpot must be won before it hits €100,000 and there’s a counter that shows the current value of the jackpot in real time.
  • A daily jackpot must also be won. Its value is on the left side of the screen and below is a countdown clock showing how much time is left.
  • I mentioned that there are 2 jackpots, right!?


  • Don’t expect any kind of excitement until you trigger the jackpot bonus game.
  • 20 fixed paylines feels very outdated these days when there are slots with Megaways and 117,649 ways to win.
  • Too reliant on the jackpot aspect of the slot. It doesn’t feel like there’s anything else to play for.

Mount Magmas – Theme and background

In case you haven’t figured out what Mount Magmas is all about, I can assure you that it’s about volcanoes. Big volcanoes with the capacity to erupt and spew out jackpots. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot of things going on.

Don’t get me wrong, Mount Magmas looks good and some of the sound effects feels like you’re getting hit in the chest. Especially when you hit the Magma Rock.

Mount Magmas – Gameplay

You should expect a lot of dead spins. Like, a LOT of dead spins. There’s not a lot of action going on since there’s no bonus feature apart from the Volcano Bonus feature which I will get to in a minute. For the most part, Mount Magmas is dormant.

Symbols can be stacked so in theory there should be potential for big payouts in the base game. It just feels like they never happen. If you set the game to autoplay you can have the great pleasure of watching your bankroll countdown at the same pace as the clock for the daily jackpot.

No. The excitement is not from the gameplay. It from chasing the jackpots. Let’s skip ahead and I’ll fill you in on how it works.

Mount Magmas

Mount Magmas – Volcano Bonus feature

As far as redeeming factors, having two jackpots which must be won each day or until it reaches €100,000 is pretty damn good. I can forgive the lack of excitement in the base game and I can even forgive that there aren’t any other bonus features.

It’s actually quite fun to watch the daily jackpot grow while the clock counts down to the left and see the Mega Jackpot inch closer to €100,000 on the right, knowing that they are getting closer and closer to pay out.

For there to be a chance of you winning any of the jackpots, here’s what needs to happen first. You need to land a Magma Rock symbol anywhere on the reels. When it does, it will fly off the screen and hit one of the two volcanoes on either side of the reels.

If it flies left, it could trigger the Daily Jackpot Volcano Bonus feature vs shooting off to the right and possibly triggering the Mega Jackpot Volcano Bonus feature. Either way, the bonus feature itself works the same way regardless.

It starts with a Magma Spin which will reveal what the top prize in the Volcano Bonus feature will be. It could be stacks of cash, the jackpot or an instant prize up to 20,000x. The next step is a pick-me bonus where you make a selection that will be either a cash reward, an arrow to continue to the next level, or an X indicating “game over.”

As you get near the top of the volcano, the more intense it gets…

The daily jackpot starts at €1,000 at the same time every day and you can follow the countdown to see how much time is left until someone has to win. The Mega Jackpot starts at €50,000 and slowly grows as a small portion of every wager on the slot is added to the jackpot.

Chances of triggering either Volcano Bonus feature is increased depending on the size of your wager.

Mount Magmas – My verdict

Mount Magmas isn’t very exciting to play. I think I must have mentioned that a few times already in this review. But there’s something to watching the growing jackpots as you play and knowing that they must both be won before a certain time or reaching €100,000.

It’s a great slot if you’re into chasing jackpots and I think it’s pretty cool that the €100,000 jackpot is seeded at €50,000. That seems fair to me. What do you say? Will you take on Mount Magmas and walk off with one of its jackpots?

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