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Razor Shark

Razor Shark by Push Gaming

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing Razor Shark by Push Gaming for quite some time. But now, when my suspicions have been confirmed, I couldn’t keep putting this off. I should warn you, there might be some cheesy movie references in here, but I promise it’ll be worth it.

Razor Shark was released on August 20, 2019, and it took quite some time until streamers started playing this slot seriously. The reason for this is that on one really understood what unlimited maximum payout on a single spin meant.

Now we know and players have been pushing the boundaries of what the games is capable of paying out. The current record is more than 85,000x but this will not stand forever. It’s just like Chief Brody said: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” To haul your winnings that is…

Razor Shark

Razor Shark – What you need to know


  • Basically, unlimited max win on a single spin. Even Push Gaming were surprised when they found out the game had paid out more than 85,000x.
  • Unlimited win multiplier during free spins. Yes, unlimited. This is where the magic comes from. There’s a bit more to it further down.
  • A 95.05% RTP is not bad for a slot with high volatility.


  • The game is only about a single feature, the nudging reels with mystery symbols. This makes it a bit boring and tedious to play.
  • Max bet on this baby used to be €100, it’s been lowered to €20 for obvious reasons.
  • Fixed paylines can be a bummer, especially when there are only 20.

Razor Shark – Theme and background

It should be pretty clear just from the name. You even get the famous notes from Jaws when the game is loading. When it comes to the theme and background they could have done a lot better job at Push Gaming in my opinion.

The symbols are rather cartoony and the backdrop doesn’t look so much like a deep blue sea, but rather like a very empty aquarium. It’s more Finding Nemo than Jaws in this department. I think it’s a bit of a let-down.

I would have preferred a more menacing Deep Blue-esque background with deadly predators lurking in the shadows.

Razor Shark – Gameplay

There’s only one way to play Razor Shark properly, and it will depend on your jurisdiction, but I will say that autoplay is the only sensible way. Beware, this is a slot with high volatility and it can easily chew up your entire bankroll if you’re not careful.

The base game offers little to no entertainment. There are only 2 symbols to look out for, the rest is just a grind. You’re looking for the Bonus Symbol and stacked Seaweed. Here I will discuss the Seaweed feature and below I will explain the Free Spins feature.

Seaweed symbols are always stacked and can land on any reel and you can have multiple reels with Seaweed going at the same time. The respins will simply keep going until you run out of Seaweed symbols. At the start of the spin, all reels with Seaweed nudges one step down towards the bottom of the screen. And when all reels have stopped, all Seaweed symbols will transform into the same symbol.

The symbol to look out for during this feature is the golden Razor Shark. This symbol will start spinning like a mini slot in its own place and reveal either a multiplier number or a Bonus Symbol. When they have all stopped spinning, the total multiplier number is added together and then multiplied by your stake.

If you hit three Bonus Symbols this way, you’re taken to the Free Spins feature, which is a souped-up version compared to this one in the base game.

Razor Shark – Free spins feature

This is where all the sickness comes into play. When the Free Spins feature is triggered, reels 2 and 4 are covered in Seaweed and you will essentially have 4 spins until they are gone to land more Seaweed symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5.

The feature works exactly like above with one massive difference. At the end of every spin, a 1x multiplier is added to a meter on the right-hand side. There’s no saying how high this multiplier can get but there are videos of the multiplier going over 30x.

This is where the insane wins come from. Imagine that you have 14 Seaweed symbols, your stake is €2, and the win multiplier is at 16x during your free spins. All 14 Seaweeds turn into multiplier coin and one of them comes in with 2,500x. That’s a minimum win of €80,416.

Razor Shark – My verdict

If you’re down with the sickness that is Razor Shark, then you should know that you need some seriously need pockets to play this slot. It will eat up your whole bankroll if you don’t pay attention. I know that it’s super tempting to go big or go home on this game because of its sick payout potential.

I really like this game and I find it fascinating that even people at Push Gaming were surprised when a player won more than 85,000x. And like I said before, it’s only a matter of time until this record is broken. So, what if they have lowered max bet to €20, the record win came from a bet of €5.

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