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Sushi Yatta

Sushi Yatta by GameArt

Get ready for the online slot game of the lifetime. A truly entertaining slot machine developed by GameArt. It is a fun-filled game that works with unique mechanics. This is your chance to visit a sushi bar and come face-to-face with the sushi master while he prepares Japanese food such as sashimi and nigiri.

GameArt has successfully designed and created an online slot game that Japan and its cuisine inspire. Be tempted with mouth-watering food as they are the key to filling your pockets with loads of rewards. It also has satisfying statistics and impressive bonus features that can help every player hit the winning combinations and big potential rewards. Just like the other food-themed slots like Chilli Heat Megaways, Yum Yum Powerways, and Royale with Cheese Megaways, you will also be impressed with the entertainment that Sushi Yatta offers.

Sushi Yatta

Sushi Yatta – What You Need to Know

GameArt goes beyond the old school. By developing Sushi Yatta, online slot enthusiasts had the chance to experience a unique and interesting game. With the gaming technology we have these days, players will be amazed by what this game offers. The overall appearance and grid mechanics were designed with creativity that you will surely love. The bonus features give a unique gaming experience making the game extraordinary. Before playing any online slot, it is best to know their ins and outs and reviews from other players. This is to know and fully appreciate their full potential. Here are some of the game’s ups and downs that you might find helpful.


  • An innovative game interface that must be tried.
  • Cool and extraordinary bonus features that will boost your gaming experience.
  • Satisfying RTP of 96.92%
  • An attractive soundtrack will make you feel that you are in an actual Japanese restaurant.


  • Complicated gameplay that may be hard to understand by beginners.
  • Max win potential may be relatively low at 4000x compared with other online slots.

Sushi Yatta – Theme and Background

Looking for a new and innovative online slot game? Then Sushi Yatta is a perfect game to try. It is a Japanese restaurant-inspired game that serves some of your most-loved foods. The reel forms a square is actually the bar where the chef is serving the sushi. The floor or considered to be the game’s background, appears like a chessboard in black and white. The bar is the game’s ree and can be seen moving with dishes.

Asian sounds can be heard in the background. You can also hear some shouting from the chef, making it feel like in an authentic Japanese restaurant. The chef is animated while he chops the food while the reels are spinning. The coolness never stops there as the five characters eat the served food. On top of these, the symbols seen on the reels enhance the Japanese restaurant experience.

Sushi Yatta – Gameplay

Take your seat and enjoy the Japanese food as they are served at your table. The winning combinations are formed in clusters in which at least three matching symbols should be formed adjacent to each other. Sushi Yatta uses the cascading mechanism in which the winning combos created are removed. Then new symbols are added to the grid, and symbols move across the reel clockwise.

The symbols on the reels are divided according to the rewards they offer. The low-paying ones are the standard playing card symbols from A to J. These offer up to 20x the total stake for 10-symbol wins. The premium symbols are the different types of sushi, rolls, and nigiri. These offer up to 200x the total played bet size.

Sushi Yatta – Bonus Features

The bonus features incorporated add spice to the game and boost the gaming experience and potential rewards.

  • Customer features are represented by the five customers who visit the bar. They arrive at the bar with three stars and stay there until all stars are gone. This happens when they are not fed on a spin. What makes it interesting is that when a high-paying symbol stops in front of them, they eat it to replenish the star and trigger a cascade. Moreover, a feature may be triggered when the cascading feature ends.
  • Maneki-Neko – this feature triggers the cascades after eating a high-paying symbol.
  • Aiko – eats a high-value symbol, and adds a wild symbol at the end of the cascades.
  • Sea monster – responsible for removing low-paying symbol after consuming a high-paying one. It then leaves after eating. The monster can also eat the adjacent customers to satisfy its voracious appetite.
  • Sota sumo – occupies 2 seats and eats 2 high-paying symbols, thus leaving the wilds in the empty spaces.
  • Uki Unicorn – responsible for transforming low-paying symbols into extra wilds after consuming a high-paying symbol.
  • Respins – this feature is triggered when one of the customers eats a scatter symbol during the base game. 3 respins are rewarded after all cascades are done. This feature can be retriggered repeatedly if additional scatter the customers eat symbols during the bonus round.
  • Super Sake symbols – can appear anytime and anywhere to increase the total win multiplier. They offer up to 20x and the multipliers are added together. During respins, the Super Sake Multiplier stays during the entire bonus round.

Sushi Yatta – My Verdict

This is a fantastic online slot game that has a lot to offer. Many online slot enthusiasts will surely enjoy the innovative format of the reels. Playing the game makes it feel like any restaurant game on smart devices. The customer features are fun and thrilling and the other bonus features that help hit the winning combinations and increase the potential rewards. GameArt has done a great job in creating this game. At first, Sushi Yatta may seem complicated, but it’s the entertainment that makes it memorable and exhilarating.

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