The Rave by NoLimit City

Rave means a large dance party with techno music. Although the definition may be broad, this slot machine by Nolimit City can give you the party of your life. The Rave is a thrilling and stunning online slot game and one of the new games in the iGaming industry. The developer gives you another vibrant online slot machine that will take you to glory. The Rave indeed follows the footsteps of its predecessors, such as Tombstone RIP, Karen Maneater, and Fire in the Hole.

Its high volatility may be quite challenging for some online slot gamblers, but its potential rewards are irresistible. 41,500x is not a joke as this can change your life. The RTP may vary, but the highest value is 96.09%.

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The Rave

The Rave – What you need to know

As a new online slot game, it has gained the attention of many online slot enthusiasts. This time, Nolimit City takes you to a big party with funky graphics. Groove to the music as the DJ gives life to the party. The RTP, as well as the max win potential, are likewise the attraction of the slot machine as they give players a chance for a thicker pocket. Of course, just like in any online casino game, certain factors may become the game’s drawbacks. Take a look at the ups and downs of the game and see if The Rave is the right one for you.


  • Players have the opportunity to win up to 41,500x the total played bet size.
  • The game comes with 2 free spin features with 3 random features.
  • Awesome graphics and sounds.
  • Can be played anywhere and anytime as long as mobile gadgets or desktop computers are available.


  • Its high volatility may be a disadvantage for some gamblers.
  • The RTP range may vary depending on the game feature and the casino offering the game.

The Rave – Theme and background

You will experience a non-stop party when playing this online slot game. You will be taken to a dance floor where you will have the time of your life. On top of the reels is the DJ, Joe Labrador, who keeps the party alive with his beats and tunes. We are serious when we say that this game may entice you to wear a pair of shades, especially with flashing lights.

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The Rave – Gameplay

The Rave is played on 5 reels and 3 rows with 243 different ways to win. Players may place their bets starting from 0.20 up to 120. The RTP range may also vary depending on the different factors. The highest by default is 96.09%, which may be as low as 94.23%. The winning combinations are formed by landing at least 3 of the same symbols on adjacent reels starting from the leftmost position.

The lower-paying symbols are the headphones, lollipops, shades, money gun, and a gold necklace. Landing 5 of the same type of symbols pays between 0.5x to 0.9x the total stake. While the higher-paying symbols are the rave people with neon green necklaces, purple shades, Jesus, wings, and Joe Labrador. Landing 5 of the same type of symbols pays between 1x to 6x the bet.

Special symbols may also land, such as the scatter, the tile with the text Drop the Bass, and the wild, the Smiley. Other symbols that may appear are the xSplit Wild and xWays symbols.

The Rave – Bonus features

This last section discusses the bonus features that will help you boost your potential rewards. Think of them as herbs and spices that make the dish more colorful and delectable. The bonus features are xBet, Enhancer Cells, Wils Symbol, xSplit Wild, Double xWays Wild, Scatter: Drop the Bass, Murder on the Dancefloor, God is a DJ, Mashup!, Crossfader & Sidechain, and Busted.

  • xBet – this can be activated by paying 20% of the bet size. This feature guarantees you a scatter symbol on reel 2.
  • Enhancer Cells – this feature is triggered by landing 2 scatter symbols during the base game. As a result, either the wild, xSplit wild, xWays, or a character symbol may land.
  • Wild Symbol – this symbol helps create more winning combinations by substituting for the other regular symbols.
  • xSplit Wild – this feature will split all symbols on the reels. This will double the number of symbols and turn itself into 2 wild symbols.
  • xWays – this feature will display 2 to 6 of the same type of symbols that will increase the reel height.
  • Character Symbol – the normal paying character symbols may land within the Enhancer Cells.
  • Double xWays Wild – an expanded xWays will be created in this feature when 2 xWays symbols land on the same reel. This holds 6 to 11 wild symbols and landing xWays symbols on a full screen; the Busted feature will be triggered and instantly rewards the player a win of 41,500x the bet.
  • Drop the Bass – during this feature, when you land 2, 3, 4, or 5 scatters will trigger Enhancer cells, Murder on the Dance Floor, or God is a DJ, respectively.
  • Murder on the Dance Floor – this feature is triggered when you land 3 or 4 scatter symbols. Players will also get Enhancer Cells placed on the bottom row, which are activated on every spin. Players may also get 7 free spins for 3 scatters and 8 free spins for 4 scatters.

The 4th scatter that lands during the spins will give players an extra free spin and enhancer cell. The 5th scatter that lands will give 2 extra free spins and activate the God is a DJ.

If a character symbol lands in the enhancer cells, reels 2, 3, and 4 activate a symbol multiplier. Landing the xSplit symbol on any of the three reels, the symbol multiplier increases by 2x on that reel. There is also a random chance to activate the Mashup!, Sidechain, or Crossfader features.

  • Mashup!, Crossfader and Sidechain – this feature can be randomly triggered during the bonus game. Players are guaranteed to activate one of these on every spin during the God is a DJ feature. The Mashup! feature transforms all character symbols into the highest-paying symbol. The Crossfader will randomly select low-paying symbols from the 2nd to 4th reels and turn them into wilds. Lastly, the Sidechain creates 2 to 5 linked reels.
  • God is a DJ – this is activated when 5 scatter symbols land. Players are given 10 free spins with 5 enhancer cells on the bottom row. Only premium symbols, xWays, wilds, or xSplits will be revealed in the cells. The symbol multiplier is active and acts the same way as it does in the Murder on the Dance Floor free spins.
  • Busted – landing a full screen of xWays symbols will trigger this feature. Players are instantly given 41,500x the stake.

The Rave – My verdict

It might feel strange to be at a non-stop party these days, especially when the pandemic is still lurking around us. However, there is no reason to stop the fun with The Rave. As one of the great games of Nolimit City, it surely has proven its worth. The graphics and sounds are impressive, and the max win potential will keep the party going.

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