What is RNG (Random Number Generator) and how does it works?

Random Number Generator is better known by its abbreviation of RNG. Every knowledgeable person knows what it is and what it does, but not everyone understands it, or why it is a critical component of every non-competitive game. Competitive games are games that require actual skills when competing against an opponent, like in sports and chess, but online casino games do not require lots of skill to win, it just needs lots of good luck!

Research has shown that only about 10% of all gamblers can be lucky, so the other 90% would depend a lot on randomness to get their desired wins, albeit occasionally and not all the time. Every game of chance uses RNG to produce results of wins or losses, without which, the game would become very predictable and monotonous. The randomness of generated wins in every game of chance is what makes them so exhilarating and very exciting to play, even becoming addictive if played irresponsibly over long periods.

So, what is this RNG thing? It is nothing more than a well-programmed set of algorithms that can generate random numbers with every use. These preselected numbers are then used in games to represent wins and no-wins, and the numbers are usually non-repetitive in terms of their occurrence regularities, so they become ideal in representing win or no-win situations. However, pure randomness itself can produce wins that would be way too far apart, or way too closely apart, and that can be undesirable in any games of chance, so pure randomness needs a better controlling mechanism to produce only the desired results.

This is where pseudo-randomness comes in. It is an additional set of algorithms, working hand in hand with the RNG, giving further instructions as to how the generated results should be controlled, regulated, and presented. No, this is not cheating, as most people would believe it to be, but it is a very useful tool in producing much better and more useful results in games. What it means in real terms is that the game of chance can now play and pay much better than if without that pseudo thing!

As newer games become more sophisticated, with lots of new features giving more incredible winning opportunities, the need for pseudo-randomness becomes even more crucial. Nonetheless, the success of any game depends highly on how well the algorithms have been programmed, and partly also in how well the game is presented in all its other aspects. Whilst RNG determines all the wins and losses, RTP manages the entire game.

What is RTP then? Wait for our next article and find out more facts and truths about games of chance that casinos do not tell you!