UK Online Gambling to Face New Restrictions

The UK Gambling Commission has recently announced that there are to be new restrictions imposed on online casino games making them safer for customers. These new restrictions are aimed at curbing the addictive nature of these games thereby allowing the customer a better opportunity to control their spending.

These new proposed restrictions will include limiting the spin speeds on the reels, as well as implementing a permanent ban on any features that speed up gameplay or declare losses as if they are wins. Casino Operators will also be required to display the player’s wins or losses in a clear distinct manner.

The steps that have been taken by the Gambling Commission are in response to a growing concern that online slot games are dominating the amounts players spend on gambling, with these games accounting for 70% of the online casino games and having the highest average losses per player out of all gambling products.

A ban on reverse withdrawals is another change that will be introduced. A reverse withdrawal is where a customer can continue gambling further on money that they had previously requested to withdraw. This presents the player who has an addiction to gambling with a problem, as there is the temptation to continue gambling.

The measures taken by The Gambling Commission has been welcomed by the Sports, Tourism, and Heritage Minister, Nigel Huddleston. According to him, the measures will help to curb the intensity of online gambling, while at the same time, it will introduce far better protection for the player by reducing the risk of gambling-related harm.

The Gambling Commission has been busy introducing a series of constraints on gambling within the past year. This includes banning credit cards from been used for gambling, as well as raising the legal age limit to be able to play the National Lottery. There are even indications that later on this year there could be a ban put in place that prohibits gambling companies from being able to sponsor the shirts of sports players. A move that would most probably be highly unpopular with sports authorities as well as sports clubs who will then lose out on the sponsorship income.

However we look at it, it seems gambling regulations in the UK is heading for a transformation. With the Gambling Commission having been criticized by some of the MP’s as being spineless and unable to cope with the shift online. Resulting in the government announcing a consultation last month as to how the regulator should be funded, while at the same time acknowledging that given the size of the industry it had to police, the organization was too small.

Online operators will have up to the 31st of October to implement these new rules, according to The Gambling Commission.