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Players never seem to ask or care about where slots come from. The only thing that really matters is that they are available, fun, and exciting. So where do they come from? It’s not like they just appear out of thin air. The truth is that they are created by armies of developers and designers with nothing better to do.

The most important thing you need to know about online casino games it that they don’t belong to any of the casinos, except for a few rare ones, they are provided to them by other companies. I will do my best to explain their relationships with the casinos, what the different suppliers are known for, how they are allowed to supply games in different jurisdictions, and a lot more.

There are probably somewhere around 500 iGaming casino software suppliers active at any given moment. From time to time, this number changes because of mergers and acquisitions and I don’t even attempt to keep track of it all but I do pay attention to some specific big deals.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s going on with game providers these days.

Find Your Best Online Casino Provider

What makes a great online casino game provider?

Gambling online is still relatively new compared to other industries. Sure, it’s not in its infancy any more and there are many companies that have been around from the start in the mid-90s. As technology develops, so does the games. We’ve come a long way from the 3×3 grid slots with a single payline…

So, what makes a game provider great? A few things. I take into consideration how long they have been on the scene, how many games they produce regularly, the quality of games, but above all, how innovative they are.

Online casinos are a dime a dozen these days and many have discovered that it’s easier to carve out market shares by catering towards specific demographics rather than trying a broad approach. Game providers have of course taken notice, so many of them target these casinos.

The really big game providers are basically everywhere and will continue to be present for as long as they make money, and THAT they do. I mentioned already at the beginning of this text that casinos “rent” games from the providers. I wasn’t kidding.

Casino operators obviously have to pay a fee for this privilege. Usually it’s somewhere between 10% and 15% of the revenue made on the providers’ games. The big casinos normally get better deals since they attract more players.

Game providers spend most their money on getting the best developers and designers, and marketing. For example, when NetEnt released Planet of the Apes in October 2017, they rented out a cinema in Malta and had actors in ape costumes on horseback. That must have cost a pretty penny…

Top online casino game providers

My list of top online casino game providers will obviously be biased, but I will motivate my selections and hopefully win the hearts and minds of my readers. Most of these will be evident for all the right reasons, but maybe I will surprise you with a few of these.

I’m not going to go into who owns who. Mergers and acquisitions happen all the time in this industry. If I would dive into that topic, it would probably not even be current by the time I finish writing this page.

Okay, so in no particular order and for my own reasons, these are the top game providers (and why):

Which are the best online casino game developers?

Well, only you can answer that since I don’t know your definition of “the best.” Every online casino game developer have their own style. The one thing they all have in common is that they aim to produce games that are fun to play. A lot of players want games with plenty of bells and whistles in terms of graphics, animations, and sound effects. Personally, I prefer games that are a bit on the simpler side.

Also, I look for innovation and payouts. Have you noticed that a few themes permeate casinos to the point of almost making it boring, and a bit sad? How many titles start with “Book of…” and how many slots can you make based on Egypt, pirates, the Amazons, and Greek mythology?

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days we will have the possibility to play “Book Of Zeus In The Amazons VS Ra And The Zombie Pirates: Featuring Avalanche Mega-Cluster Ways.” Fine! I would still play it, but I would do so ironically…

That said, innovation like slots with Megaways, Avalanche, Cluster Pays, Infinity Reels, Linking Reels, and so on will always have a special place in my heart, but it sure would be more fun to see the outside the aforementioned, “standard,” themes. Don’t you agree?

When it comes to payouts there are essentially two main routes you can go. You can either focus on playing games with high RTP and low volatility, meaning that you will hit smaller wins but more frequently, or the total opposite. Obviously, there are plenty of slots that fall outside of this narrowing down, but in general, I’m pretty accurate on this one.

I’m a staunch advocate of responsible gaming in the sense that you should never play beyond your means, but we’re ultimately talking about flirting with Lady Luck. I have already mentioned my strategy for playing slots so I won’t go into it here.

I like to go after progressive jackpots and big wins. That’s me. Maybe you prefer to play differently, and that’s your prerogative. You’ve probably guessed by now that I prefer slots over table games and live casino, but that’s not to say that I don’t stray from my path every now and then.

Are online casino games rigged?

No! They. Are. Not. If you have been trying to find proof of online casino games being rigged, you’ve probably stumbled upon some seriously angry post in some forum somewhere. Please understand that all of these are players that are venting their frustrations.

I can think of several reasons just from the top of my head for why it goes against any provider’s self-interest to tweaking their games, and why it’s even impossible:

I’m sure there are other justifications for why any game provider would want to steer clear of tampering with its slots and table games. Bottom line, it’s simply not worth it.

Behave when you speak with customer support

It’s never fun when you lose. Landing two scatters and watching the rest of the reels give you nothing can be heart-breaking after a long session of playing. But here’s what you should NEVER do. NEVER jump on the live chat to vent your frustration. Calling some poor customer support agent everything under the sun is NEVER a good idea.

Because of the relationship between game developers and casinos, complaining to customer support is basically the same as yelling at the people who sold you popcorn in the cinema after you didn’t like the movie you watched. They have nothing to do with it.

Game developers going mobile

Remember when there was a direct correlation between the size of your mobile phone and how cool you were? The small the phone, the cooler you were. Then something happened and screens got bigger and bigger as phones became viable for connecting to the internet.

Along with it came a demand from online casino players. We wanted to be able to take the casino with us wherever we went, and the industry answered our call. There was only one problem. Most games were programmed to be supported by Adobe Flash, which if you recall, had to be updated every week (at least it felt like it).

Not to mention that most phones weren’t even compatible with Flash. Something had to be done and the first company to step up to the plate was Play’n GO. They were the first to break new ground and develop games with HTML5 which runs smoothly on virtually all handheld devices.

A case can also be made for NetEnt, taking things to the next level with their Touch Platform, specifically built for all manner of mobile gadgets.

The introduction of HTML5 came with the added benefits of not having to download clunky software that had to be updated every so often, AND it allowed Mac-/Apple-users to become part of the scene. Up until then it was really difficult to find software that worked on this machines.

Casino software, the next frontier

Truth is, the next frontier has already been around for many years, but just like most technology there haven’t really been any viable solutions until now. Casino software developers are always looking towards the future. So far I would argue that live casino has pushed the boundaries further than anything else when it comes to tech, which means that the next natural leap forward would be Virtual Reality (VR) casinos.

Even though VR casinos have been around since 2013-2014, they have failed to gain any serious traction. The obstacles are many and the cons still outweigh the pros. But it doesn’t meant that VR casinos should be ruled out just yet.

What you need to know about VR casinos

Just like Play’n GO were the first to focus on getting their games on mobile devices, Evoplay Entertainment is the software developer to look out for when it comes to VR casinos. They have only been around since 2017 but have already produced more than 60 slots, table, and instant games.

Their pronounced goal is to become an industry pioneer in the development of 3D and VR slot games. And it certainly look like they could be well on the way to achieving this goal. If you have never tried any of their slots, I would suggest trying Dungeon: Immortal Evil.

You don’t need to push your furniture to the side or buy an expensive headset to play. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you’re a regular gamer with a taste for games like Dungeons And Dragons or Eye Of The Beholder, you’re in for a treat.

There are still a lot of hurdles to overcome before VR casinos become the next standard in home entertainment. The obvious one is that you have to invest a lot. You will need a high-power computer with the latest graphics card and a VR headset. I mention computer because neither Xbox nor PlayStation have fully opened their platforms for online gambling.

Fair enough, you can play VR casinos without buying the Oculus Rift and enjoy it in 3D on your computer, but that kind of defeats the purpose in my book.

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